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Instagram: Driving Your Brand Engagement and Boosting Sales

Effective strategy for businesses to drive engagement and sales on Instagram

Lauched in October 2010 by Kevin Systrom, Instagram is a popular social networking platform that allows people to share photos and videos with their followers. With roughly one billion monthly active users, it has become a powerful tool for businesses to showcase their products and services through visual content to a massive audience. Indeed, using […]

How to use ChatGPT to improve the SEO for your website

ChatGPT human like robot typing into a computer to visualise how ChatGPT can help with the SEO of a website

How to use ChatGPT to improve the SEO for your website. In today’s digital age, having a website is essential for any business or individual looking to establish a strong online presence. However, simply having a website is not enough to attract and retain visitors. To stand out among the millions of websites out there, […]

Facebook: the upcoming trends of stories and the use in marketing

Many years ago, if talking about the word “Stories”, I believe that many people would be wondering what this thing is? What can be used to do? However, at this time, no one might not know the popular features like stories anymore as many popular social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Youtube, all have […]

TikTok – Everything you need to know for creating content

Undoubtedly, the TikTok platform is popular having one billion users globally. This demonstrates how popular the platform is. Besides the growing user base, there are now more content producers from all over the world. That could be a question that gets asked. How can content be made to be popular? Having more followers and viewers […]

How does the TikTok algorithm work?

The algorithm on an app is a system that decides what appears on your so-called “for-you page”, meaning the app’s home page. Every user has their own for-you page, customized to show videos that interest the account owner. The for-you page changes over time to maximize the experience on TikTok by showing what you may […]

Here Are Important Points of Search Engine Advertisement in Japan

If you are considering selling your products, and thinking about using search engine advertisement in Japan, there are some points that you have to be careful of. Not surprisingly, the first point is the language. Language Spoken in Japan If you are thinking about promoting products in English in Japan, it may not be a […]

Instagram marketing: 3 tips for mastering it!

As Instagram has two billion active users in 2021 and is on its way to reaching 2.5 billion by 2023, the social media platform offers excellent opportunities for companies for marketing themselves there. This opportunity is of course not without its challenges. Marketing on social media platforms is very different from digital marketing via internet […]

Should I choose WordPress for my blog ?

Table of contents : What is a CMS ? CMS stands for Content Managing System. Simply put, a CMS is used to organize and shape what you want to share on your blog. Not all CMS are the same. And to find the ideal CMS, it must have a minimum of flexibility and a minimum […]

Online Reputation Management

Have you ever searched up a list of potential restaurants to dine in at on google? Let’s say you manage to find a restaurant that interests you, but then you see the number of stars it has… 2.5/5. You instantly tick it off your list of considerations and move on to a higher rated restaurant. […]

TikTok for business: Should you dance or not?

TikTok for business is developing fast and you don’t want to miss the opportunity to reach a new audience on it. In fact, it represents an opportunity for marketers and TikTok developed several features for businesses. More and more businesses are using it and no, you are not too old for TikTok!   TikTok for […]