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Facebook: the upcoming trends of stories and the use in marketing

Many years ago, if talking about the word “Stories”, I believe that many people would be wondering what this thing is? What can be used to do? However, at this time, no one might not know the popular features like stories anymore as many popular social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Youtube, all have this feature. This feature allows users to tell the stories they find in everyday life through pictures or short video clips. Nowadays, stories become one of the new marketing communication channels that many brands have turned to focus on.

Why shouldn’t we overlook Facebook Stories?

1. Facebook Stories only last for 24 hours

A crucial aspect of this feature is that it is only accessible for 24 hours because many people today reflect “FOMO” (Fear Of Missing Out) behaviors or act in ways that make them fear they will miss the trend. So, people are interested to see it and participate before the contents disappear.

2. Optimized for display on mobile phones.

This feature is created to be displayed in portrait orientation to fit with physical behavior in an era where everyone uses mobile devices to consume content. Furthermore, this feature has a usability advantage on our mobile devices and can expand the area to display more content. Moreover, the advertisements that appear while seeing stories will blend in smoothly with the others. Hence, it is less frustrating for users to see this kind of commercial content.

3. Increase the opportunity for the brand to be known.

Most users may use this feature right away because it is displayed at the top of the News Feed. Therefore, the chance that customers will view your company through their eyes will increase if you are consistently updating your business with this feature. In addition, the system is designed to be played automatically. When scrolling through one person’s post, the system will immediately jump to the next person’s post. So, customers will be able to view your stories as a result, even if they unintentionally clicked on them.

4. Help businesses look more accessible.

Most business owners strive to attract their target market by giving their company an appealing image. Because this feature only survives 24 hours, company owners may post their memories of happy occasions as much as they like without worrying that they will clutter their accounts. According to a survey from Facebook, it was found that some users choose to view stories rather than normal posts on the timeline because they feel that content on stories is more realistic and up-to-date.


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