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Have you ever had a discussion with a friend about x product and, a few days later, found an ad for said product between two Instagram stories. We could compare this reality to a one-way mirror; on the one hand, the consumer browses the web, on social media, leaves traces, identifies that he likes traveling on Instagram, shares his romantic weekend, searches for meal ideas… all this while not seeing what who is hiding behind.

But what’s behind it? On the other side, the view is almost completely clear; a view of our preferences, our occupations, our passions and much more… this transparency that the consumer offers to companies is, among other things, the source of these numerous advertisements, but also of targeting, retargeting and conversion opportunities.

Isn’t that fascinating? Digital is such a mysterious and fascinating world. If, in any way, this short scenario has intrigued you, you are in the right place!

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