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How does the TikTok algorithm work?

The algorithm on an app is a system that decides what appears on your so-called “for-you page”, meaning the app’s home page. Every user has their own for-you page, customized to show videos that interest the account owner. The for-you page changes over time to maximize the experience on TikTok by showing what you may find interesting at that time. So, how can this system know what you want to see and what interests you?

Scrolling on the app changes your TikTok algorithm.
Scrolling on TikTok changes your experience.

Functions of TikTok Algorithm

When you first create an account, you will make settings of where you are from, your age, gender, and the language you speak. By doing this, the system will get a first glance at who you are and what you might like. However, since this is a thing you only do once, it does not have as much influence on the algorithm later on.

After creating your account and you start to watch the videos on your for-you page, the TikTok algorithm system sees what videos you like, interact with, and watch from start to finish. Basically, the algorithm system will analyze everything one makes on the app and, with this information, connect similar videos, sounds, hashtags, and accounts to provide you with the things you may like. Moreover, the for-you page will never show the same video twice on your home page or a video that you may find upsetting without giving you a warning before.


So, the algorithm on the app is based on three things. The account interest, the user interactions and the device and account settings. It will analyze all interactions one makes on the app, such as hashtags, sounds, and accounts you follow. With this information, the app will provide you with content you like or connect the content with your state of mind that day.

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