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Should I choose WordPress for my blog ?

Table of contents :

  1. What is WordPress ?
  2. Do I need to use WordPress to create a blog?
  3. It’s Free and Customizable
  4. It is easy to use !
  5. Save money !
  6. Five more reasons why !

What is a CMS ?

CMS stands for Content Managing System.

Simply put, a CMS is used to organize and shape what you want to share on your blog.

  • Management of videos, images,
  • Organization and publication of pages and articles,
  • Shaping
  • Add plugins, for more features.

Not all CMS are the same.

And to find the ideal CMS, it must have a minimum of flexibility and a minimum of constraints.

And there’s only one left. WordPress.

He is the best known and most widespread CMS in the world.

What is WordPress ?

More than 40% of websites are powered by this CMS and more than 60% of blogs !

As you can imagine, this is no accident.

Some global news sites use it.

Do I need to use WordPress to create a blog ?

Yes, and I’ll give you three reasons below, that will convince you !

It’s Free, and Customizable

It’s a free system. As a reminder, installing and using WordPress does not involve registration or subscription costs.

It is easy to use !

This website is extremely easy to use. The management of pages, themes, links, media and plugins is very fluid and simplified.

The interface simply prompts you to add text, images, menus and other gadgets in just a few clicks.

In addition, it’s has become a global reference for the creation of sites, so it is very easy to find self-help forums and support.

Save money !

As well to being a free platform, this web page allows you to do without the help of a professional designer.

And if you’re still not convinced, here are 5 more reasons !

5 tips to convince you to use wordpress ! Blogsite website, tips
  • WordPress is secure 
  • Pre-programmed publication : You can prepare your articles in advance with WordPress.
  • Publish with one click : You can publish your content very easily. 
  • Inspiration : This open source platform inspires web developers, designers and content managers to bring new and innovative ideas to life.
  • Manage your time more effectively : Because you can prepare your content ahead of time and delegate tasks to other users, you can actively manage your time.

With so many benefits to offer, it is normal that this network conquered the world of the web and emerged as the CMS platform of choice for many corporate sites.

Thank you for your attention !

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