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Here Are Important Points of Search Engine Advertisement in Japan

If you are considering selling your products, and thinking about using search engine advertisement in Japan, there are some points that you have to be careful of. Not surprisingly, the first point is the language.

Language Spoken in Japan

If you are thinking about promoting products in English in Japan, it may not be a good way. In Japan, almost all people mainly speak Japanese and do not speak English or French, unfortunately. In fact, more than 70% of Japanese do not speak English. So, it is quite important to hire a translator for your project, or it can be possible to learn Japanese. Other than the language, there’s another very important point for search engine advertisement in Japan.


Japanese consists of 3 types of characters

Search Engines Used in Japan

Like in Canada, the most used search engine in Japan is Google. Around 93% of the share of search engines in Canada is Google followed by around 5% of Bing. However, the market share of Google is only 72% in Japan, though it is relatively high compared to other engines. Surprisingly, unlike Canada, Yahoo has around 24% of its share in Japan. It means that you should think about the implementation of search engine advertisement not only on Google but also on Yahoo because 24% of the market is still a huge market.


Share of search engines in Japan

Be Prepared!

Even though Japan is currently struggling with its economic situation, they have 3rd largest GDP in the world. Therefore, the market is still large. If you succeed in selling your products in Japan, it will benefit you. Hence, it can be an effective way to utilize a search engine advertisement in Japan. However, there are things to prepare before you implement, such as the language and types of search engines. Be prepared for your success in the Japanese market!

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