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Ryanair used social media marketing in a humorous way to gain brand awareness.

ryanair used social marketing to attracts backpackers wants cheap flight tickets

An airline from Ireland, Ryanair, attracts young backpackers from all over the world with their cheap flight and from social media. However, passengers have a love-hate relationship with this airline because all the extras have to be purchased on their own. In addition to its usual focus on reducing customer friction with low-cost airlines. Ryanair […]

Facebook: the upcoming trends of stories and the use in marketing

Many years ago, if talking about the word “Stories”, I believe that many people would be wondering what this thing is? What can be used to do? However, at this time, no one might not know the popular features like stories anymore as many popular social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Youtube, all have […]

How has the IOS 14 impacted Social Ads?

written by Florine Paula Novembre 13, 2022 In order to connect with their audience and increase their leads, brands need to build solid Digital Marketing strategies. Over few years, Social Ads have become an advantageous method for companies. Indeed, consumers use social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Tiktok, Pinterest or Youtube) to exchange on different subjects, […]

Should brands rely heavily on Social Media Marketing to generate sales? 

Almost all businesses and users have established themselves on social media in this digital age. Many have an Instagram page for posting brand photos or Facebook to connect with their audience. However, some brands are masters of turning followers into customers, while others struggle with regular content updating. So, should brands rely heavily on social […]

Want more engagement? Here are 5 types of content to do so

The rise of social media has helped businesses with their marketing tactics in numerous ways, especially with user engagement. Thus, as a digital marketer, it is essential to know what kind of posts works the best to keep your followers engaged with your brand. Here are 5 types of content that create the most engagement. […]