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Should brands rely heavily on Social Media Marketing to generate sales? 

Almost all businesses and users have established themselves on social media in this digital age. Many have an Instagram page for posting brand photos or Facebook to connect with their audience. However, some brands are masters of turning followers into customers, while others struggle with regular content updating. So, should brands rely heavily on social media marketing to generate sales?

Marketing on Social Media

When it comes to marketing campaigns, the primary purpose is to generate sales. Although social media is a valuable tool, it is much more challenging to determine to what degree it leads the brands to success.

Cons of Social Media Marketing

Nowadays, businesses need help to get more traffic through organic means on social media. Either they must spend a lot of capital to get good engagements/reach or rely on the algorithm to reach their potential audience. This shows that to reach and potentially attract a wider audience, a business needs to spend time and capital to invest in its marketing strategy that may or may not generate leads. 

Although it is said that marketing on social media is an affordable option for small businesses. But suppose the companies need more capital to hire a specialist or assume it is easy to pay google ads to run their advertisement on social media without any goal-setting. In that case, it may just be dumping money in a fire pit without concrete results. 

It is also noticeable that Social Media requires businesses to update their pages to retain customer attention and follow constantly. Companies would need to spend even more time and capital to generate content that would appeal to their target audience.

So what should brands do? 

Companies should refrain from relying solely on social media marketing to convey their message or product. They can do much more to increase their engagement with the targeted audience, such as SEO optimization on their website or media advertisement on other platforms. One example can be that many people use their devices to search and buy on Amazon or Google. Rarely would people use the buy function on Instagram to make purchases. So businesses can create a strong SEO for the products they are offering on Google to ensure it catches the eye of the potential customer when they are looking for a similar product. 

Example of Social Media Marketing Ad for a jewellery brand
Example of social media post of a brand


To conclude, social media has become an essential tool for businesses, but it comes at a high cost for them to promote their businesses. Hence, companies should rely on social media marketing sparingly to promote their business and look for other marketing solutions to boost sales.

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