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ryanair used social marketing to attracts backpackers wants cheap flight tickets
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Ryanair used social media marketing in a humorous way to gain brand awareness.

An airline from Ireland, Ryanair, attracts young backpackers from all over the world with their cheap flight and from social media. However, passengers have a love-hate relationship with this airline because all the extras have to be purchased on their own. In addition to its usual focus on reducing customer friction with low-cost airlines. Ryanair has deliberately defamed itself in its pipeline, mocking its poor service but good price. These days, Ryanair used a humorous approach to laugh at itself on its Instagram and Twitter accounts. This unique marketing strategy has increased their cheap flight ticket sales and gained a lot of attention on social media. It can deter picky passengers because they will know that they are not satisfied. Such service, and this approach, will also attract passengers who do not expect too high-quality service.

Ryanair's humorous Twitter response gains 160k likes. Original tweet asks, 'if you could eliminate one thing from the world, what would it be?' Ryanair's reply: 'windows'
For instance, Ryanair playfully mocking its own aircraft received an impressive 160k likes, since there slogan is “We sell seats, not windows”

Why does Ryanair choose this distinctive digital marketing strategy ?

Instead of adopting the conventional approach of highlighting its advantages on social media. Ryanair understands its position in the market, acknowledging both its strengths and weaknesses. Recognizing that it cannot compete with premium airlines on luxury, the airline strategically focuses on cost-cutting measures to provide cheap flight tickets. Such as reducing service costs and baggage allowances, to expand its passenger base. At the same time, they know that their advantage lies in low costs and very low prices as well. It can also attract low-budget consumers with elastic demand for prices. In short, Ryanair used its humorous approach to digital marketing to attract young consumers who want to travel on a low budget, achieving the goal of increasing profits and becoming the airline with the largest passenger volume in Europe.

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