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How has the IOS 14 impacted Social Ads?

written by Florine Paula

Novembre 13, 2022

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In order to connect with their audience and increase their leads, brands need to build solid Digital Marketing strategies. Over few years, Social Ads have become an advantageous method for companies. Indeed, consumers use social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Tiktok, Pinterest or Youtube) to exchange on different subjects, to be entertain, and of course to inform themselves.

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Social Ads in summary

These different platforms offer to broadcast very powerful paid advertisements called Social Ads (we can talk about Search engine advertising). Thus, social networks allow a multi-channel use (videos, photos, posts, etc.). The precise targeting of the audience (age, gender, location, interests, etc.) is essential to amplify its visibility to a particular target. These campaigns also allow to get visitors and to generate sales. Generally invoiced by CPC (Cost per Click), Social Ads ensure a good return on investment. 

🤳🏼The objectives of Social Ads:

  • increase visibility
  • focus advertising by targeting
  • increase visitors and buyers on the web site
  • generate revenue

Launching Social Ads on social networks

  1. Choose an offer or a content initially performing.
  2. Identify its audience by creating various personas is essential.
  3. Moreover, although effective, Social Ads have a high cost, so it is necessary to establish a sufficient budget.
  4. Test campaigns offering different forms can be set up.
  5. Finally, it is essential to analyze the performance with indicators such as the reach of publication, leads generated, revenue generated but also the conversion rate.
  6. After that, the ROI can be calculated using tools like Google Analytics or Hootsuite Impact.

IOS 14, an external factor

Different external events can impact campaigns. For example, it can be economic factors like Black Friday or even Christmas. But other factors can come into play such as innovations from companies marketing electronic products such as the Apple update in 2021. Indeed, with the release of its new operating system IOS 14, Apple allows users to refuse of the tracking of their data. This innovation takes the form of a pop up that appears when downloading an application asking permission to use users’ private data for advertising purposes. This possibility of refusing tracking considerably reduces advertising tracking. On the one hand, the reduction in data collection results in less relevant targeting. On the other hand, a reduction in the size of remarketing audiences results from this lack of browser data.

Marketers need to adapt their Social Ads strategy

In order to counter this decrease in performance, companies and social platforms had to make changes to their tactics. Notably Facebook, which decided to display a message before Apple’s opt-in request in order to convince the user to accept the tracking of its data. In this message, the networking giant explains the reasons for this collection of information and also what it contributes to.

Impact Social Ads illustration

In conclusion, Apple strives to improve the user experience and enhance its devices. While these new features have slowed down the Social Ads algorithm, new ideas have allowed businesses to have a consistently effective Digital Marketing strategy. 


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