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Does digital marketing have a future?

Systematic innovation requires a willingness to see change as an opportunity. Peter Drucker, American marketing theorist. Nowadays marketing is everywhere and at any time. On the street, on the radio, and even at our professional mail address. But it wasn’t always the case, or at least it existed in other forms before it developed and […]

Facebook: the upcoming trends of stories and the use in marketing

Many years ago, if talking about the word “Stories”, I believe that many people would be wondering what this thing is? What can be used to do? However, at this time, no one might not know the popular features like stories anymore as many popular social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Youtube, all have […]

Should brands rely heavily on Social Media Marketing to generate sales? 

Almost all businesses and users have established themselves on social media in this digital age. Many have an Instagram page for posting brand photos or Facebook to connect with their audience. However, some brands are masters of turning followers into customers, while others struggle with regular content updating. So, should brands rely heavily on social […]