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CHATBOTS true potential, and how facebook plays a big role in it 

Introduction to chatbots Chatbots have been with us for decades, but not until recently have we begun to exploit their true potential. Chatbots provide customers satisfaction 24/7 and have proven a positive effect on the conversion rate (Toth, 2022). The latest success of chatbots is much thanks to facebook which have integrated chatbots in their […]

How will machine learning change the state of digital marketing?

With the recent innovations in machine learning algorithms, the digital marketing industry has streamlined marketing processes and made companies more successful. Machine learning helps digital marketers analyse big data faster in order to make decisions more data driven and customer focused. Brand monitoring Firstly, most business on the Internet receive thousands of mentions every day. […]

How chatbots can help your digital marketing strategy

What is a Chatbot? A chatbot is a software that can simulate a conversation automatically.  It is powered by artificial intelligence and has built in responses that they will select depending on what a user enters. In other words, a chatbot allows users to have a live chat option while browsing a site or app. […]

How can AI Chatbots Improve Interaction with your Customers?

  It is nothing new that online shopping has skyrocketed this past year and busy customers are here for it. As a business owner your main priority is to allow your customers to have the best shopping experience ever. Therefore, it is key for you to be aware of your clients’ needs and to ensure […]