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Coca-Cola’s adaptation to the digital age thanks to digital marketing

Coca-Cola logo with two black glass bottles

You all know the world-famous brand: Coca-Cola! Since its foundation in 1892, the American company has been able to forge an important place for itself in the soft drink industry, thanks to its flagship product, the “Coca-Cola” soda. Today present in more than 200 countries, the company is known for its popular marketing campaigns. In […]

The Use Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing

Artificial Intelligence is everything anyone in the information space seems to be talking about, thanks to tools such as Chat GPT. AI continues to change how we view and use digital marketing to aid our businesses. Indeed, much as we have used machines in the past to help us with jobs that require much manual […]

Instagram marketing: 3 tips for mastering it!

As Instagram has two billion active users in 2021 and is on its way to reaching 2.5 billion by 2023, the social media platform offers excellent opportunities for companies for marketing themselves there. This opportunity is of course not without its challenges. Marketing on social media platforms is very different from digital marketing via internet […]

Want more engagement? Here are 5 types of content to do so

The rise of social media has helped businesses with their marketing tactics in numerous ways, especially with user engagement. Thus, as a digital marketer, it is essential to know what kind of posts works the best to keep your followers engaged with your brand. Here are 5 types of content that create the most engagement. […]

How to Grow Your Business On Instagram

Why Grow Your Business on Instagram ? Given its exceptionally high number of users, Instagram has become a huge gold mine for companies to find new clients. In fact, as of right now, the platform has over 200 million business accounts. All it takes is some creativity to attract people’s attention towards your page and […]

Instagram creator account: how to manage it as an artist.

It is no longer a secret that Instagram is one of the best social networks that is an integral part of our lives in 2021. While some of us use it for personal purposes, others have understood the opportunity that Instagram represents to promote their work and increase their visibility. This is particularly the case […]

Foolproof Digital Marketing Strategy: Advertising Tips

In today’s world, digital marketing is widely used. It is therefore necessary to stand out from its competitors. For this, it is necessary to build a foolproof digital marketing strategy. Here are some tips, which will allow you to create your strategy correctly Creative elements All the visual contents of your web page are useful […]

How to improve your SEO thanks to Netlinking

You create your own website, but you don’t know how to improve your SEO? I have the solution for you: you can choose to improve your natural referencing thanks to Netlinking. As part of your marketing development strategy, the position of your site in the search results is essential. Indeed, today, 90% of searches are […]