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Ads on Netflix ? Everything you need to know

New Netflix subscription with ads starting at $5.99 per month

That’s it, there are ads on Netflix! We’ve been hearing this rumor for several months now and it’s now official. A new Netflix subscription is available since the beginning of the month. Its particularity: ads will appear during the viewing. But why propose such an offer? Netflix is losing more and more subscribers and has […]

How Company Change their Digital Marketing Strategy During Covid-19

Covid-19 has created a bundle of disasters on several aspects, ranging from Environment, Business, Society and Government. It forced the whole world to change rapidly so as to keep pace with the sudden disease.  Covid-19 created new innovative business to Digital Marketing. The major social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram and Youtube has gotten […]

Influencer marketing: Skyrock your food business

Influencer Marketing? Millions of people are active on social networks daily. As a result, more and more new communication strategies such as influencer marketing are arising. Influencers create a direct link between a company and the online community of social media platforms like Instagram or TikTok. There is no need to be a celebrity in […]

CHATBOTS true potential, and how facebook plays a big role in it 

Introduction to chatbots Chatbots have been with us for decades, but not until recently have we begun to exploit their true potential. Chatbots provide customers satisfaction 24/7 and have proven a positive effect on the conversion rate (Toth, 2022). The latest success of chatbots is much thanks to facebook which have integrated chatbots in their […]

Want more engagement? Here are 5 types of content to do so

The rise of social media has helped businesses with their marketing tactics in numerous ways, especially with user engagement. Thus, as a digital marketer, it is essential to know what kind of posts works the best to keep your followers engaged with your brand. Here are 5 types of content that create the most engagement. […]

TikTok vs Instagram: Competing or Teaming Up?

Have you ever thought that both apps could be besties instead? With the arrival of new content created by the new generations, a feeling of being excluded from TikTok (which until 2020 used to be mainly owned by Generation Z) appeared in all of us. Some of us even balked at the idea of ​​opening […]

Influencer Marketing : Why?

Today, influencer marketing has become a must in digital marketing. In the digital world today, social content creators with niche audiences often can offer brands more value. They have committed and engaged groups of followers on social media. In recent years, influencer marketing has become a huge and crucial part of the marketing scene. Influencers […]

How chatbots can help your digital marketing strategy

What is a Chatbot? A chatbot is a software that can simulate a conversation automatically.  It is powered by artificial intelligence and has built in responses that they will select depending on what a user enters. In other words, a chatbot allows users to have a live chat option while browsing a site or app. […]

Why your marketing should take advantage of COVID-19

Why your marketing should take advantage of COVID-19! The COVID-19 pandemic created a significant turning-point for many businesses, which forced them to reinvent their marketing strategies and tactics. The pandemic is now a part of our everyday life for two years which has changed many of our habits. Ask yourself how much time you now […]