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Instagram creator account: how to manage it as an artist.

It is no longer a secret that Instagram is one of the best social networks that is an integral part of our lives in 2021. While some of us use it for personal purposes, others have understood the opportunity that Instagram represents to promote their work and increase their visibility. This is particularly the case for artists (singers, musicians, painters etc.). Unfortunately, not everyone understands how this social media works to gets the most out of it. Here are some tips on how to set up an instagram creator account as an artist that will help you develop, manage your Instagram professional account as an artist and increase your visibility.

Nothing rocket science. In order to manage an account as a professional artist, you must first change your personal Instagram account to a professional Instagram account. To do so, go to your account. In Settings, tap “Account”, then “Switch account type”. You will then have the choice between an Instagram Business account or as an artist, an Instagram Creator account. Choose “Creator account” and there you go ! You now have a professional Instagram account.

These are words preceded by the symbol “#” which allow you to catalog your content

and to group publications that have a common subject under the same space.
As an instagram creator account, choosing the right hashtags you will place content in a space that will allow people to see your posts when they search for this particular hashtag. Therefore, it will improve your visibility.

Introduced on August 5, 2020, the reels are very close to the tiktoks. These short videos make it easy for users to discover your talent. Warning. While reels are a great way to get exposure, they don’t guarantee that users will  find your videos. A good way to increase your chances of visibility is to incorporate sound into your reel. Indeed, it is possible to choose either the original sound of your video, or to incorporate an already existing sound. Like hashtags, your video will end up in the common area that contains all the videos that have integrated sound. Everyone who has searched for that sound will be able to see your video.


As you can see, creating and managing a good Instagram creator account takes time, effort and persistence. Hope you find these tips helpful!

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