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Why your marketing should take advantage of COVID-19

Why your marketing should take advantage of COVID-19!

The COVID-19 pandemic created a significant turning-point for many businesses, which forced them to reinvent their marketing strategies and tactics. The pandemic is now a part of our everyday life for two years which has changed many of our habits. Ask yourself how much time you now spend on your screens since the beginning of the pandemic! Way more right? According to a survey conducted by Statistic Canada in 2021, 66% of the interviewee declared that they spend more time surfing on the web than before the pandemic. There stands a huge opportunity for businesses to re-consider their marketing strategy. Let’s be innovative and focus on the new opportunities offered by the pandemic.


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15 March, 2021


Top five innovative digital marketing tactics you should consider:


  • Diversify your channels

One of the businesses’ main challenges is to maintain consumer engagement and also to reach on some new potential customers. With the pandemic, people now use different digital devices and different informative channels as their behavior changed. Thus, the platforms you will use to reach them are very important to gain in visibility. To diversify your channels, you should use not only a website but also mobile data, smart TV data and of course social medias. Doing so, you will be able to position yourself according to your target consumers.


  • Use email marketing

During the pandemic many students and workers spent a larger time on their emails because they wanted to stay aware of some news and offers. Thus, the email marketing should not be neglected. Email marketing consists of sending automated emails to your clients to keep them engaged and increase brand awareness. By being regular in your newsletter and by making attractive ads, your consumers will automatically click on the link redirecting them to your website. Thanks to artificial intelligence you can discover at what frequency and at what moment it is more efficient for you to share your email campaigns. Your click rate will considerably increase by sending your emails at the right moment but also by offering specialities to your loyal customers.


  • Use social medias efficiently

Nowadays you have the possibility to use social medias as a communication tool with your consumers. Indeed, social medias also offer you the opportunity to target more specifically your clients thanks to paid ads. For instance, you will easily realize that you have personalized ads on Facebook which is indeed a marketing strategy adopted by brands. Thanks to social medias paid ads and also free ads, you can easily generate traffic to your website or other platforms.

The pandemic increased the number of people watching videos on the web by a lot. Thus, YouTube should become one of your best friends. The first seconds before “skip the ad” are entirely free for your company. No excuse to avoid video ads! In the same vein, you have Tiktok which allows you, through artificial intelligence algorithms, to generate a lot of views on your video ads.


  • Improve your content

The style and the content should be on point! That is why you should also allocate some time to your content creation. The type of content you will share will automatically affect your customer’s emotions. Thus, by having a constructed, reliable and reassuring content, you will automatically put your customer in a trust relationship with the brand. Optimizing your content also goes through improving the customer experience. Thus, your key philosophy when getting in touch with a client should be “helping before selling”. Understand your client’s needs and offer them a customer experience according to their needs. A customer that feels touched by an ad and that receives personalized content will be way more receptive. Another way to make your content attractive is to use catchy headlines. By using catchy titles your customers will be more active on your website and won’t lose their engagement.


  • Improve your organic search

Organic search refers to the results generated by a search engine according to the pertinence of the terms used. Indeed, we talk about keyword optimization as a referencing strategy. You should use the right keywords that are aligned with your business and with your marketing strategy. Keywords have a long-term effect and long-term results which is benefic to increase your audience.


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No more excuse to leave your digital marketing behind, not even the COVID-19! 😉


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