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Why you should have a mobile-friendly website

The importance of a mobile-friendly website

Years ago we achieved a huge leap in technology. A powerful portable computer that we can have on us at all times. Today you can use that technology to reach your audience. In other words, a mobile-friendly website is necessary to reach those people.

mobile-friendly website

The screen they spend the most time behind

First, let’s look at others who have a mobile-friendly website, large companies, a.k.a entities who need to reach as many people as possible. In fact, the trend for companies in the U.S. and Canada seems to be to spend most of their digital marketing budget on mobile marketing. Why do companies decide to do this? Because they need to reach the users on the screen they spend the most time behind and get them on the aforementioned mobile-friendly website.  Even if you don’t want to trust those companies, you can trust your instincts. Look around you, how many people do you see constantly on their phones on the bus, at restaurants, even maybe in your own household. Making sure you have a mobile-friendly website will help you reach all those people.

Easy access to your website

Also having a mobile-friendly website gives people access to your website wherever they are. They don’t need to sit down and turn on a computer to go to your website when they can just take their phone out of the pocket and access it at any time. Facilitating access to your site through creating a mobile-friendly website could result in increased traffic. In other words, if something is easier to do more people will tend to do it.

What happens if your website is not mobile-friendly?

If people are on their phone and click on your page and it is not a mobile-friendly website. They most probably will just opt for similar content on the web that does have a mobile-friendly website. Why would they do that? Because a non-mobile-friendly website on your mobile device is hard to navigate and not esthetically pleasing.


I hope this article has helped you realize the benefits of having a mobile-friendly website



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