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Why you need a Pinterest business profile

The reason you should use Pinterest in your digital marketing strategy

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a visual social channel with its primary focus being sharing creative visuals and crafts on the platform. Users can share their images and homemade videos to showcase their arts- and crafts skills, cooking skills, products, or services. Its aim is a more social discovery rather than social networking. Since the start of the pandemic in 2020, people have had more time on their hands than ever. So why not start a business selling your homemade crafts?

Every idea is represented by a Pin, an image, or a video that is searched and saved by Pinterest users. Users can collect these Pins on Boards. Users often collect pins to a board that are related to each other and have a certain theme in common. These pins come from website and sources around the globe and therefore makes Pinterest an ideal platform to curate content. 

Who uses Pinterest?

Most Pinterest users are female, around 60%, and appeal to people that are creatively driven and are interested in visual arts.

How can you set up your Pinterest for your business?

Pinterest allows you to choose between a personal profile and a business profile. Therefore, if you want to attract customers and build your brand it is more beneficial for you to have a business profile. One of these benefits is access to insights such as analytics for your Pins. In addition, you can run targeted ads on a business profile, which helps you match your business to your customers. Furthermore, as Pinterest is a visual search engine, it has its own algorithm and its own search engine optimization rules. Therefore, the focus needs to be on Pinterest SEO such as including relevant keywords about your Pins, and should be related to what is featured in your content, and what the user might be searching for.

Screenshot of a business profile selling home decor
Business profile for Home Decor.

Pinterest is one of the most effective social media platforms for shopping inspiration. From artwork to recipe inspiration to enhance your cooking skills. If you are into home décor, fashion, beauty, or food, and want to share these ideas with the world, Pinterest may the platform for you.


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