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Why Small Businesses Need Social Media

why small businesses need social media

Why Small Businesses Need Social Media

Growing a small business can be extremely stressful and can even be soul crushing to  see other small business grow faster. The main reason you might not be making many sales is the lack of brand awareness. This is why small businesses need social media. This article will help you understand social media marketing for small business as well as why it is crucial.


The first thing many people do before buying a product is to look up the company on Google. They want to come across any relevant information about the product such as reviews, subreddits or even the company’s social media accounts. You want to be as visible as possible when someone is googling a related keyword to your product or company. Small businesses need the visibility to create brand awareness as they are entering the market. Therefore, this is the main reason why small businesses need social media. Everything comes back to making your business more visible.

Cross Platform Marketing  

You might not have the resources yet to pay for advertisement. However, having multiple different social media can create a cross platform marketing. For example, you can promote your website and your Instagram on your Twitter, YouTube channel, Reddit, Facebook and on Tiktok. This will allow your brand to have a greater visibility and attract different demographics.  This is how small business use social media to grow their different platforms.

This also allows you to keep up with the current trends to be able to appeal to your audience. You want to be on the platforms where your target market is. You should invest your time on the platforms that are booming and that are prefered by your target market such as Tiktok and Instagram. Which is another reason why small businesses need social media.

Client Interaction

As a business owner you might ask how can small business use social media to make more sales? The answer is simple: Client interaction. Many clients value customer service more than the actual product. They want companies to be reliable and reachable. Social media allows companies to stay in touch with their clients. This opens a channel of communication between the brand and their customers. A lot of people find this amusing as they are able to tweet their favorite brand such as the sassy Wendy’s Twitter account. This will create a trust with your customers which will push them to do free promotion on their social media accounts and to their friends.

This is a crucial way to use social media to promote your small business. Clients will enjoy interacting with you which is crucial for your visibility. Therefore, client interaction through social media is why small businesses need social media.

Influencer Marketing

Small businesses need social media accounts as they can use it to contact influencers. They might be willing to promote your products if you give them free samples. This is a huge investment as their following already trusts their opinion. Their followers will then be intrigue by your brand and will look you up. You must make sure that the influencers you contact have a following that represents your target audience.


Although building a small business from the ground up is time consuming, it is worth it to invest time on social media. This will create free promotion to your brand. These are the main reasons   why small businesses need social media.

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