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Why small businesses need social media

why small businesses need social media

Are you thinking about launching your own business or to give more visibility to your company? Nowadays, social medias are part of marketing planification, they can help your start-up to obtain its first transaction and if you are wondering if your small business need social media, here are 5 reasons:

1. Reach your neighborhood

We tend to see social media giving us access to the world. However most of small businesses target local customers in a limited geographical area. Entrepreneurs often do not know they can specifically target it using right filters! Small businesses need social media to increase their sales revenue and their local presence.

2. Communicate better about your new product or service

When you are a new business in town, you are looking to differentiate yourself by competitive advantage or innovation. There are a lot of start-ups trying to launch their new product, but they have difficulties informing the market segment about their existence. In this specific case small businesses need social media more than ever, social media and media marketing can help you if right driven, to aware your clients about your new product or service.

3. B2B: looking for partnerships or financing

During their growth, small businesses face a step where they need financing and support to continue to grow. If you are in this position, you have multiple options like, partnerships, acquisition or even fusion. Each of these options are built over your credibility and your visibility. Will you be more attracted by a company that you are seeing everywhere? Social media is a must for small businesses in term of short and responsive communication that allows them to send chirurgical messages as sustaining their strategies.

4. Keep in touch with your customers

Have you ever tried to remarket possible clients someway for special events or flash sales? People habits can answer why small businesses need social media. If you are trying to retarget possible customers, to increase the fidelity of your clients, think about where they spend time every day and where they can see you: Bingo, Mobiles! No more flyers or small announces that are thrown once read, make your customer see you each time he opens its phone.

5. Create a community

Corporate social responsibility and trust are becoming assets that no companies do not want. It is often difficult for small businesses to face large players, but they have an advantage to build a good relationship with their users: proximity and flexibility. Gathering people around your values or your vision helps you to build confidence between you, your users, and the market. A communication skilled small business needs social media to enhance the link between users and her, as being seen by other potential users that want to be part of her society.

why small businesses need social media

For all these reasons, that is why your small business needs social media.

Here are three tips to help you to do so:

  • Dedicate resources to a social media marketing planification
  • Choose the right social media channel
  • Adapt your message depending on the channel used
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