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Why is self-care the futur of client experience?

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Why is self-care the futur of client experience?

It’s the year 2021, you’re a 20 year old born with a smartphone in your hands, and the belief that the internet has all the answers. Like 86% of your generation, you are on social networks and you are adept of online shopping. Your phone line is only used for official calls and to order a pizza if not already done on the internet. Just like the internet, you want to go faster and faster, you are very impatient and in perpetual search of autonomy. If these behaviors don’t ring a bell, you probably don’t belong to generation Y or Z and the concept of self-care in marketing probably escapes you.


What is self-care in marketing?

In marketing jargon, self-care refers to the automation of the customer experience allowing the consumer to access any information quickly online. The principle is to offer customers the possibility of answering by themselves all the questions or minor problems they may encounter. This may be done by setting up an automated service available 24/7, making the customer experience more fluid and promoting customer loyalty, (72% of young people prefer to look for information by themselves on a brand’s website instead of using a traditional customer service).

The customer experience is a key element in the loyalty process (83% of consumers think that a purchase should be an experience) and the next generation of consumers is demanding a faster and more instinctive service (63% of young people are dissatisfied with a slow or non-ergonomic customer experience). In this context, self-care wants to break with traditional customer services that are often saturated or unavailable.



What are the advantages?

The advantages are numerous: customer service is more fluid and available 24/7. More adapted to the requirements of future consumers, it promotes a pleasant and fast customer experience. Consumers gain in autonomy and avoid the lack of human availability. It doesn’t necessarily mean a less personal experience. The implementation of automated response services such as chatbots allows for a precise service at the request of the consumer.


Adopting a self-care service also has advantages for companies. The collection of data on consumer behavior offers companies a better knowledge of their customers. The implementation of an automated service obviously allows consumers to be more autonomous, but also permit companies to exercise a form of control over the consumer’s engagement cycle. Indeed, the objective is as much to answer customers’ questions as to guide them towards the finalization of the transaction. Finally and obviously, a good customer experience is often synonymous with loyalty for the company.

In an increasingly impatient and automated world, companies have an interest in following the self-care customer service movement. As the Internet generation gains purchasing power, adapting the customer experience to new consumer demands will become synonymous with success.

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