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Why is having a digital marketing strategy so important for an NGO?

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Digital Marketing is an essential tool for NGOs, foundations and companies with social impact. Despite the initial distrust of many nonprofit leaders in developing digital marketing strategies, most NGOs are now using them.


It’s worth investing, it’s a necessity.

The need to raise funds online forces NGOs to develop digital marketing actions. Those include SEO, paid campaigns, UX, web analytics, social media or email marketing. However, the lack of resources and specific expertise means that many NGOs cannot position themselves in search engines with sufficient visibility. Especially small and medium-sized ones.

Despite this, it is very necessary that they focus their efforts and invest in it. Unlike profit organizations, they do not have many other options to raise funds. These are usually limited to merchandising and donations. Having a marketing strategy not only gives them visibility, but also helps to raise awareness of the social or environmental problem they are attacking.


How to design a Digital Marketing Plan for your NGO?

A good digital marketing plan must integrate creativity, know-how and technological tools.

  1. Define the objectives
  2. Know the target
  3. Analysing the digital environment
  4. Defining the budget
  5. Define strategy and tools
  6. Create a calendar of actions


Success Case

Possibly, the organization in solidarity with the most widespread digital architecture worldwide is the platform. Their logistics are very simple but effective. Any citizen can fight for their particular social cause and quickly find the support of the population by signing their petition. When the required number of signatures has been reached, they are handed over to the relevant body for the change to occur. This platform benefits from all the multichannel that the network offers by carrying out email campaigns, sharing requests on social networks, blogs, etc. It is the perfect representation of the advantages of using digital marketing for NGOs.

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