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Why companies turn to digital marketing to survive Covid-19

Why companies turn to digital marketing to survive Covid-19

Digital marketing to survive Covid-19

The article discusses about how companies have had to start looking at and relying on their digital marketing after the pandemic. As it had never seen before, near-total disappearance of all channels associated with live events and conferences as well as the growing barriers to face-to-face business set businesses a big challenge.

In more detail, talks about B2B companies that rely on annual exhibitions and trade shows to connect and build relationships with their customers, but in industries that are not digitally native, they may also be less sophisticated in their digital growth and customer relationship strategies. Especially for small businesses, accustomed to attracting new customers through word of mouth or through a hard-won reputation.

Large corporations also find themselves potentially losing millions of dollars from canceled events and digital is likely the big winner, and businesses including those that may not have had a Facebook page before will need to turn to social marketing, content marketing, SEO, and influence campaigns. Adaptability is a key factor in resilience meaning opening new channels over web or social media platforms where introductions can be made, and relationships fostered.

As Scott Jones, CEO of 123 Internet Group, says: “These are uncertain times, but with the rise of telework and collaborative approaches, companies are moving to digital channels and accepting the switch. We’ve seen a real spike in the past few weeks from companies looking to create or update websites, launch new e-commerce channels, and create social media campaigns that focus on those things using influencers and SEO to reach new audiences.

Finally, it is been analyzed that customers are turning to Facebook or LinkedIn Live. These are often platforms that were used in the past but have never been fully integrated into the marketing strategy and thanks to google analytics now most companies are able to implement better strategies to reach their target.

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