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Why Canadian Companies Should Have a YouTube Brand Account

Why Canadian Companies Should Have a YouTube Brand Account

YouTube Brand Account in Canada

Here are 3 of the many different reasons pushing Canadian companies towards the creation of a YouTube brand account

1. YouTube is a search engine that offers video responses

Just like you do Google searches, YouTube is used by individuals researching answers to their different questions. Some of those questions could be about the product or services your brand (or a competitor’s brand) is offering. Therefore, having a YouTube brand account is crucial, in order to be present where your customer makes searches. For your company, this could lead to increase brand awareness, as it would be easier to find across social media. It could also lead to increase fidelity from your customers. In fact, if you are there to answer their questions when they have some, customers will be happy with your company. Your YouTube brand account would put you the map of on one of the most used search engine in Canada.

2. YouTube gives an opportunity to bring more traffic to your website

By using your YouTube brand account to put forward in videos your product or services, customers could want to visit your website to learn more about your offerings. So, YouTube is an other way for customers to learn more about your company and for you to redirect them directly to your website. In your video descriptions (or directly in your video), there is place to insert the link to your website, which is a new source that could bring website traffic and lead to purchases. Your YouTube brand account would definitely help your website’s number of visits.

3. A YouTube brand account offers endless marketing possibilities

In creating your YouTube brand account, you will certainly gain more possibilities to do marketing for your company. For example, YouTube videos can be used for “How to” or “DIY” videos, so customers can watch these videos instead of reading a user’s guide. A YouTube brand account also gives the opportunity to establish new partnerships for increased visibility. By using YouTube, new possibilities to do marketing show up for your company.

A YouTube Brand Account is the way to go! Now, your next step is to go create it.

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