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Which is the most effective social media platform to advertise?

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As the advertisement is increasing in social media, it is important to take account of the types of the social media. For example, let’s assume that you are selling the clothes for kids. It won’t be effective for you to advertise in the platform that is popular to teenagers. Therefore, you must choose the right social media to advertise.

Current usage of social media in Canada

Which one of these social networking sites or apps do you use most often?

Although its ratio is decreased for age 16-24, it is obvious that Facebook is the social media that used commonly for overall ages. However, the usage is not the only condition to consider.

Opinion about the social media

Even though many people these days use social media, they have different opinion about each social media. Therefore, it is important to take their opinion into account.

Opinions of selected social media platforms for internet users in Canada as of October 2021

For example, even though Facebook Is the most frequently used social media of others, the ratio of its positive opinion and negetive opinion is half and half. It means it is not sure wether the advertisement you upload will gain positive image or not. Therefore, although you choose to advertise on Facebook, you also need other platform to advertise. Accordingn to the table, since messanger has a positive image of people, it would be nice to choose Facebook as main method, and messenger as substantial method. It also needs different marketing according to the customers’ age. For the age 16-24, since theiy most commomly used social media is Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook, you can choose Instagram as the main method, and Facebook or Snapchat as substantial method.

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