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Web3.0: The new era of web marketing

Since its creation in 1989, the web has experienced significant evolution. Moving from Web1.0 to 2.0, meaning from a web where the content was “Read Only” to a Web where the content is created by the users. It enabled the shift from general marketing to more personalized marketing, given the better knowledge we have of each user. The problem nowadays is that the Web has become centralized and is driven by only 3 or 4 big companies. Their business model is mainly based on data collection, which is used for marketing purposes. Web3.0 is commonly considered the next generation of Internet and web protocol, with many experts predicting that this new development will have significant implications for businesses, marketing, and society.

What is web3.0?

The goal of Web3.0 is to move towards a web where the user has a more important place. Web3.0 will be more decentralized, and the content published by users will belong to them as it will be stored as an asset on a blockchain. With Web3.0, the goal is to give control back to users by giving them control over their data by reducing intermediaries to a minimum. The login will be made through an anonymous wallet, payments will be processed in cryptocurrencies, etc. 

In what way Web3 will change the internet

What does it mean for web marketing?

Web3.0 is a blessing for marketing because it can now deliver more targeted ads to consumers. Indeed, data anonymization does not mean fewer data. Moreover, the fact that users will own the content they publish will result in an increase in online marketing, which this time will no longer be reserved for businesses but will also be used by individuals to sell and promote any type of content (text, image, 3D file, NFT). We will have the opportunity to see a transition from Web2.0 marketing giants to Web3.0, as it is already happening for Google which is currently in a contract with Solana to develop a cloud on the blockchain and will soon accept payments in cryptocurrencies, or Twitter which is developing a “connect your wallet” function to display an NFT as a profile picture. New players will also emerge.

The new players of web3.0

Here is an overview of the main players in Web1, Web2, and Web3

Among the new Web3.0 entity that already exists, we can mention Metamask, the most used decentralized wallet, or Brave which is a Web3.0 browser where users’ data are not stored. These new Web3.0 players will also allow online marketing in new forms. In addition to social networks like Twitter or Discord, which are the new information and marketing hubs centered on Web3.0, YouTube, which is a very used platform to learn and understand the development of this ecosystem, or classic means like mailing marketing campaigns and blogs, we will have the opportunity to see marketing campaigns developed in “Metaverse” community games like Sandbox by associating with Adidas, or Fortnite (which is a video game but looks more and more like a metaverse) by associating with Balenciaga.

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