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Increase your small business sales with TikTok : step by step

In 2021, TikTok has been ranked as the most downloaded app. With its 1,5 billion users, the app is not only a hub for entertainment but also a great tool for small business to promote their offerings.  In fact, according to TikTok, 52% of users that have seen small or medium business content on TikTok have made a purchase. In other words, TikTok can be an incredible platform to increase your sales and improve brand awareness in your audience. Here, we will explain to you several steps on how you can grow your small business on TikTok.

TikTok small business that is increasing its sales through TikTok

Step 1: Use different contents and be original

In the first place, your long-term goal is to create loyalty relationships with your customers. Consequently, you need to make original content and create engagement by building a relationship with them. In the same vein, good branding is essential in that part because it will be a way to differentiate you from your competitors. Your profile should be a reflection of your brand.

Introduce your small business

Firstly, you need to present your small business in a very short-form video. This content needs to grab the attention of your audience about who you are and what are you doing. You could regularly “reintroduce your brand” in different ways. It will increase your chances of attracting more “potential customers” and make them remember you. The more you will post content, the more your videos will be watched so don’t be shy.

Be authentic

After that, posts regular videos such as a tour of your workplace, “pack an order with me”, and vlogs such as: “a day with me”, just to build strong ties with your audience and engage them. Tell a story, be inspirational and creative and engage with your audience through comments and messages.

In addition, get inspired by trends since it will boost brand awareness and increase your sales.

Don’t forget, consumers don’t buy products, they buy THE BRAND so be authentic.

Step 2: Use the right song for your small business

The song is a key element of TikTok algorithms. You can find it on the TikTok library or on other users’ content.

We recommend, you mostly use trend songs to increase the visibility of your small business and give chance for your videos to become viral and then increase awareness, consideration, and conversions.

Step 3: Use relevant Hashtags for your small business

Another key element of TikTok algorithms is “hashtag”. The last step will be to find the best hashtag for your business content to attract more leads. Some hashtags on TikTok are very common and viral. You can utilize them to get more views once you finished making your content. Here are examples of hashtags you can use:  #small business (81b views), #supportsmallbusiness (5,9 B views), #foryou(1729 B).

However, be careful because you don’t want to get way more traffic with “viral hashtags”.  To target your niche, you need to also use relevant keywords adapted to your offerings and the name of your small business.

TikTok hashtag to highlight the importance of Hashtags to increase small business sales

In conclusion, to improve your small business sales you need to stay creative, authentic and aware of TikTok trends.


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