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Tips on Instagram marketing

Today, Instagram is very popular with millions of active users. It is not only a platform for entertainment, it also offers you the ability to use it as a marketing platform. Furthermore, the benefits of Instagram marketing are many, with a few of them mentioned below.

Instagram marketing benefits:

  • Increases exposure and traffic
  • Generates leads
  • Develops loyal fans
  • Provides marketplace insight
  • Improves sales

(Social Media Examiner, 2020)

The benefits of Instagram marketing are in other words highly valuable. This article is here to provide you with some fundamental tips based on statistics. These tips will simply help you on the way to capture the benefits of Instagram marketing.

Instagram marketing

Instagram marketing Tip #1 Post type

A higher engagement rate means more likes and comments. In turn, that rate could impact the new traffic drawn to your page. The first tip on Instagram marketing is: Adapt your post type to grow your follower engagement rate. As an example, carousel posts has almost double the engagement rate as video posts.

Average follower engagement rate by post type:

  • Photo posts 0,88%
  • Video posts 0,55%
  • Carousel posts 1,05%

(We Are Social, Hootsuite, DataReportal, 2021)

Instagram marketing Tip #2 Advertising format

A survey was conducted on marketing professionals in 2019. It found that some ad formats were considered more effective. This knowledge could help you with Instagram marketing by using the most effective ad.

Which types of ads were considered most effective:

  • Photo ads were most effective according to 29%
  • Video ads 17%
  • Stories ads 16%
  • Carousel ads 8%

(Hanapin, 2020)

Instagram marketing Tip #3 Promotion type

When buying something through Instagram marketing, some promotions are more used by consumers. These statistics could tell what promo was most appreciated and used. In other words, made the customer prone to buy it.

Which promotions were used when buying something through Instagram marketing:

  • Discount code 33%
  • Free shipping 31%
  • Product coupon 20%
  • Fundraising 16%
  • Voucher code 12%
  • Other 0%
  • Never made use of a promotion 27%

(Statista, 2020)

Instagram marketing

Hopefully, learning these tips gave you some guidance on how to do Instagram marketing!

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