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TikTok vs Instagram: Competing or Teaming Up?

TikTok App

Have you ever thought that both apps could be besties instead?

With the arrival of new content created by the new generations, a feeling of being excluded from TikTok (which until 2020 used to be mainly owned by Generation Z) appeared in all of us. Some of us even balked at the idea of ​​opening an account: “What for? Just to watch TikTok dances? I would never do it.” But after the recent COVID-19 lock-down, we now know everyone is on TikTok! (or almost all). From entertainment content to educational content, there is always something to watch, even if that “something” occupies hours of your day under the guise of “giving yourself quality time”.

But then, ever since TikTok took over the world (recently, actually), the main topic among digital marketers, social media managers, creators, and even Instagram itself has been: what’s going to happen to Instagram? Are we going to have to create a completely different strategy? Do we need to TikTok-Dance in order to generate leads?

Of course, this also reached Meta Platforms Inc. (father of Instagram now), forcing the Instagram team to come up with newer, fresher, faster forms of content to attract as much as their new competitor. Thus came the creation of “Instagram Reels” and the bunch of new features in Instagram stories, posts, videos, events, and guides that they have been rolling out the past years.

But let’s be honest, TikTok is doing better than ever! We’ve seen it despite all the efforts of Instagram to reduce the use of the competitor’s app. Anyway, this is my bet: with these whole new features on Instagram, and this unique sense of TikTok… is this really TikTok vs Instagram? Or could they be teaming-up without us noticing?

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

TikTok as an Instagram traffic source

Smartphone illustration

Imagine this: You’re spending 30 minutes at least on TikTok watching puppy videos, then you reach to a tutorial of a topic you’ve been searching all week (because of course TikTok knows this). This content is so valuable for you that you don’t want to miss it so you save the video, but you also want to know and consume more about this creator on a daily basis, so you click on the profile and search for an Instagram username, two taps and you’re now following this creator through all social media. We have to understand that TikTok content doesn’t end in TikTok, this app also works as a traffic source for other platforms with different content and audience!

Rivalry as a strategy?

Do you follow Instagram on TikTok? Or TikTok on Instagram? You’re feeling confused already, I know. But creating official and verified accounts is what these two companies have been up to while trying to persuade users of moving to Instagram Reels, or to spend more time on TikTok.

This led to the point where now we can watch videos of how to monetize Reels on TikTok or a compilation of the best short videos in your Insta feed! As users we love to focus on rivalry, right?

Instagram Creators Account on TikTok

Instagram Official Account on TikTok

TikTok Veriffied Account on Instagram


Well, whether it’s Instagrammers or TikTokers, you still can still grow on both apps. Continue creating and see which platform works best for you, but for maximum reach you can continually create videos for both platforms. There is potential for success on each one, though there are notable differences between Reels and TikToks which influence video performance.

What do you think? Using competitor apps to promote your own is either genius or a desperate move? Do you still think there’s a TikTok vs Instagram thing going on? or maybe they both think, deep in their hearts: “if you can’t beat them, join them”.

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Fernanda Parra

Social media strategist 💻 | Content creator 📸

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  1. Great post, Fer! I hadn’t thought about their relationship beyond the traditional rivalry we’re used to seeing in the market.

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