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Tiktok viewer and earned media

Tiktok crossed the 1 billion user mark in September this year. With the intensive growth of the platform, the number of people being a tiktok viewer increases quickly. The growth also made several brands, ranging from large franchises to small businesses, start their own tiktok account to reach these viewers. A company can reach out to a tiktok viewer with different types of media. Paid advertising is one way to go. Earned media is another alternative in which they would have to use tiktok in a more creative way.

Earned media to reach a tiktok viewer

tiktok viewer

Tiktok is a platform where businesses can get a lot of earned media by getting on the “For You” page of a user. This page allows a tiktok viewer to discover content from accounts they follow, but it also generates content from other accounts that might interest the user. So how do you get on this For You page?

Follow ongoing trends

As a company, this means both creating their own tiktoks, as well as commenting on other accounts’ posts. When creating videos, companies must have the tiktok viewer have in mind. The companies should use trending sounds in a creative way. This makes their content interesting to watch and unique.  In turn, it increases their chances of getting on the For You page of a tiktok viewer.

Hashtags that targets a tiktok viewer

The hashtag #foryou is commonly used to reach the For You page of a tiktok viewer. However, there are endless usable hashtags. Hashtags are searchable, meaning that companies want to be in the top of the searched hashtags to spread awareness of the brand. Trending hashtags are harder to compete with, but comments and content within these hashtags makes you visible to a tiktok viewer. More targeted hashtags have less competition, but they are good to have if the tiktok viewer would search for something related to the company.

Partnering up

Partnerships are not to be underestimated. Tiktok has many large accounts with an established target audience. Partnering up with these accounts makes the company even more visible to a tiktok viewer.




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