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The introduction of instagram reels in digital marketing

The introduction of instagram reels in digital marketing

introduction of instagram reels in digital marketing

How the introduction of reels on instagram has revolutionised the digital marketing era.

Nowadays, Instagram Reels offers a new way to share short video clips of up to 15 seconds within the Instagram app.  With this addition, Instagram now has five content zones :Posts, Stories, Live, IGTV and Stories, which seems like a lot of content to produce if you want to maximize  your Instagram audience.


On the one hand, If your audience is  the right demographic to know about Stories and are avid viewers, you should consider this placement to reach new audiences, especially if video consistently performs well for your audience with you on other Instagram locations.  But not everyone has the time, budget, or ability to commit to producing  another type of content. So if you’re already seeing great results with your current marketing, you may want to wait until Reels is more established. Just keep in mind that as Stories become more popular, the algorithm can make progressing more difficult. Often, being an early adopter can get you off to a good start.


On the other hand,  If your audience is on Instagram, you might expect them to have used and viewed Stories, but that may not be the case. Currently, coils are not so easy to detect. You need to access the Stories feed through the Explore page, so until Stories have their own feed (coming soon), not even all users  have  discovered them .

One big downside of reels is that  you can’t program them at the moment. So if this is a key part of your marketing strategy, now may not be the right time to introduce this new niche into your content marketing.





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