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The Importance of Using Multiple Social Media Platforms for Business

Social media media platforms for business

Since the rise of Internet, using social media platforms for business via Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and, more recently, Tik Tok has gain popularity by reaching millions of daily active users. Moreover, even if these websites are mainly used for personal matter, more companies are using social media platforms for business as a marketing strategy. Whether it’s to promote their brand or a way to monetize their services, appearing on social media platforms for business reasons is becoming more popular. In fact, this plays a crucial part in the success of a business. Subsequently, there are many reasons explaining why it’s important for companies to appear on more than one social media platform for business:


Missing Out on Opportunities

Firstly, by being absent or only focusing on one social media platform for business, organizations are missing out on the opportunity of reaching a larger audience. Companies that are present on one platform might be reaching their target audience. Although, they may be missing out on potential customers who are mainly using another social media platform for business. Diversifying the platforms where they are sharing content and promoting their brand will allow them to reach more people. This will increase the notoriety of the brand.


Create a Competitive Advantage on Social Media Platforms 

Secondly, organizations create a competitive advantage by being on many social media platforms for business reasons. If competitors are promoting their brand and posting content on a site that you are not present, you’re at a disadvantage. Hence, it’s important for a company to analyze their competitors and know if they’re using social media platforms for business. This information could be used as an opportunity.


Enhance SEO Ranking 

Thirdly, appearing on multiple social media platforms for business improves your SEO. Furthermore, it increases the amount of traffic on these accounts. Using social media platforms for business is a great way to get a better SEO since social medias are usually decently ranked on search engines. Therefore, if organizations are posting high quality content on multiple platforms, it increases their visibility. Using multiple social media platforms for business will improve brand awareness and provide a better SEO ranking.


Partnership with Influencers on Social Media Platforms

Finally, appearing on multiple social media platforms for business gives companies the opportunity to create partnership with influencers.  Indeed, this can be an effective way to promote their brand. Currently, influencers are very important since they have strong credibility. This social marketing tactic will generate more leads for companies proving that using multiple social media platforms for business is beneficial.



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