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The Benefits of Using Instagram for Your Business

The Benefits of Using Instagram for Your Business

With a daily usage that increases along with ranking amongst the top 3 leading social media sharing platforms in 2020, marketers are starting to see Instagram as a viable option to increase brand awareness. Throughout this article, you will learn about the benefits of using Instagram for your business.

Benefit #1: It’s Entirely Free

Regardless of your business size, sharing unique content and engaging with your customers are 100% free! However, creating unique content and engaging with your audience comes with a cost. In fact, you have to put it your time and dedication! Nonetheless, Instagram allows you to increase brand awareness at no other cost for your business, which should be a no brainer.

Benefit #2: Possibility to Increase Customer Reach

83% of Instagram users use the platform to discover new products and services. That being said, not only do you get to reach your existing customers, but you can reach new customers that are looking for your products/services. With Instagram’s user base, there’s a good chance that someone is  looking for the products/services that your business is offering.

Benefit #3: Wealth of Customer Data

Instagram offers insights on your audience in terms of their lifestyle, locations, values, hobbies and their interests. As a marketer, you can possess at your fingertips priceless data that will allow you to better understand your customers. From there the opportunities are countless: readjusting your targeting tactics, product tactics, communication tactics, product placement tactics, price tactics, etc.

Now you know about the many benefits that Instagram has to offer to grow your business. The next step is to learn how to use instagram to grow you business.

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