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Sylvain Amoros launches new website for HEC Montreal digital students

My dear students, friends, colleagues, and former clients,

It is with joy that I share today, with you, my next mission!

Did I leave the business world with a sense of accomplishment? Yes

Was it to relaunch a company? No… but I have already started to invest in some of them!

Was it to try to become one of the best digital marketing professors a Montreal university will ever have? Yes it was!

Over the last 18 years, with my 2 best friends from university, I have had the chance to create, develop and sell two companies: Teksteel, sold to Cossette in 2007, and Konversion, sold to Accenture Interactive in 2018. Today, I am at a turning point in my professional life: I have just made a shift that will allow me to put my entrepreneurial experience to good use by combining it with my passion for pedagogy and the transfer of my practical learning. I’m turning 40 this year, and I would like to tell my 3 children in 10 years that I have given back to society more than I have taken.

It’s also about training the next generation of business decision-makers, and I think this is the perfect time to add ethical questions to technical expertise, placed as we are between the new uses of cookies and privacy needs. What values do we want to put forward in the future in digital marketing? How can these be based on the creation of a common prosperity and the improved exploitation of already available resources, rather than on a philosophy of growth “at all costs”?

So I joined the ranks of HEC Montreal as an Adjunct Professor and created this site to give a voice to our digital students!

In parallel to teaching, I would like to put my entrepreneurial experience at the service of local businesses and help SMEs in their digital shift. I have always worked with the goal of being a builder, and with COVID, the need to support our start-ups is stronger than ever. The entrepreneurial pole of HEC Montréal will be a perfect playground for that.

Those who know me know that when I have an objective, I do everything I can to maximize its “Konversion” rate 😉

I can’t wait for you to meet our students, to whom I try to pass on my passion for the Web and my technical knowledge. I teach them through hands-on learning by auditing numerous HEC Montreal Web properties and campaigns, to prepare them to become future consultants. I hope that we will create value for the internal departments of our School.

Thanks also to all the clients who have trusted me over the past years, as well as to the experts with whom I have worked on a daily basis: without you, I would simply have nothing to transfer to our budding young marketers!

Wish me good luck, or rather to them 😉

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Sylvain Amoros

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