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How to retain followers on Instagram

Wondering why am I loosing followers on Instagram?

In the last decade, the world has completely evolved, changing the way people live their everyday lives. Smarter and faster electronic devices allow easier communication both locally and internationally, these advancements and the like across several industries have a ripple effect on how the business operates. With the growth of customer-centric approaches in corporations, there is an ever-increasing need to profoundly understand these changing behaviors of customers to cater to their needs better.

With the prevalence of social media in today’s society, their existence undeniably serves as an important gateway for firms to reach their target audiences as well as connect with existing customers. This adaptation is an example of adjustment towards new norms that not only helps the firm to raise awareness and establish its presence in customer’s everyday life but also keep track of the most recent customer trend.

Why number of followers?

Social media helps businesses to potentially grow. The number of followers became one of the most significant tools to gain a level of trust and credibility. While more followers mean more potential buyers. 

Online marketing campaigns are indeed an excellent way to present your brand and create a deeper emotional connection with your followers. However, just launching a campaign without carefully digging into the consumer’s mind can cause you to miss a huge opportunity to gain more followers and fail to retain existing followers. 

In the business world, every single small detail can be a game changer. We are in a highly competitive market because online marketing is fast, inexpensive, and highly measurable. To maximize the benefit from the campaign and gain loyalty from consumers, there are several things for your social media that you can improve. This is not something that we will rely on luck but there are some tricks and tips.

How to retain Instagram followers?

1st tip: Research on who we are?

Research button

Industry research: We need to understand what exact market we are in. Since, each country specialises in different things while consumers have different preferences. What are the popular trends these days and what potential trends would it be. 

Community research: It is important for businesses to clarify their strengths and weaknesses on their social media platform. What content is performing well and what is not. We need to understand the underlying reasons why each post performs differently. Always, record the data and analyse afterward. Another important reason to do community research is to deeply understand the nature of community.

The understanding of a brand’s environment allows the marketer to have a clearer picture of brand image such as mood and tone, feeling, or  keyword. By using these clear brand images to build marketing stimuli, allowing the brand to easily become a consumer’s lovemark brand. Gaining more loyal customers in the long run strongly remains in the consumer heart.

The elements of each post that can affect the number of followers

    • Time
    • Content type
    • Engagement
    • Reach
    • Number of participants on campaign

2nd tip: Know our followers

Red research button shows gaining followers on Instagram

3rd tip: Who are our competitors?

To retain our followers, meetup new demand, and capture more potential followers, knowing our point of parity and point of difference compared to our competitors is essential.

What is the point of parity?

We need to observe what is in the same market and what is similar among those competitors. This will help you to get a better sense of how your market worked. 

What is the point of difference?

The POD identifies why consumers are choosing you over all competitors. The differences of your social media that perform more superior. There will be new needs and demands so businesses need to understand and make things differently. To be a market leader, will help you to be more unique and stand out. 


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