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Reddit content marketing, how does it work?

Reddit content marketing can often times seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. The “front page of the Internet” can be a great place for small and large brands to connect with their consumers and support their communities.

What’s a Reddit?

Reddit is different from ordinary social media. The platform is built as a mashup between a news site and an online forum. Users upload content like links, videos, photos or text posts and create discussions. Relevancy becomes very important because of the “upvotes” system. Users can upvote a post they think is interesting or relevant and downvote posts that are spammy or inappropriate. Also, there is a community for just about anything. If you like modern photos that look like Renaissance paintings? Then you’ll love the subreddit  r/AccidentalRenaissance!

How do I become relevant?

When it’s time to start marketing your content on Reddit, you have to understand the importance of the communities. These subreddits are against redditors who are only on the site to do self-promotion. So, as a brand, you’re going to want to build a community of your own where customers can discuss your products and ask for support.

How you market your content is not by dumping links randomly or by asking users to upvote your content. Your best bet is to use communities that have similarities with your brand as market research. Users love to discuss and compare products. This creates a great opportunity for you to know their concerns. You can then use the feedback or suggestions for making better products.

Don’t be afraid to engage with users during online events like AMA’s (Ask Me Anything).  They let you talk back-and forth with consumers instead of shamelessly self-promoting. Press releases are also great for link building. Every time your article gets shared on a community, users comment or upvote and boost relevance.

Reddit Content Marketing for the upcoming Star-Wars show "Obi-Wan Kenobi" with the cast
An example of how to market an upcoming TV show on Reddit

The most important thing you should remember is this: be human. Redditors won’t engage with a corporation that wants to sell them something. A calmer approach where you are friendly and interact with your community will be much more successful.

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