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Pinterest for Business: How to Grow Your Business With Pinterest

pinterest for business

Many companies have established marketing strategies on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube, but one social network often gets sidelined: Pinterest. Pinterest is a platform where users can gather ideas and become inspired by sharing visual content. With its 450 million monthly users it can offer massive advantages to businesses who wish to grow and raise their brand awareness. Surveys have found that Pinterest is 3x more likely to drive traffic to a company’s website than any other social media platform.

But how to actually do it?

Here are the top tips on how to use Pinterest for business:

Be consistent

To efficiently use Pinterest for business, it is crucial to create regular posts, or ‘pins’, to increase the likelihood of engagement. One of the great advantages of Pinterest for business is that it enables posts to have a much longer lifespan, as users tend to save pins they like and return to them later.

Create engaging content

Pinterest is cluttered with visual content, so to reap the benefits on Pinterest for business, you must create content that stands out. Be creative and unique, but keep the content relevant to the industry you are operating in. You could even create a whole ‘pin board’, where you give the user a cohesive visual representation of your brand and product.

Utilize links

On Pinterest, you can add a link to every single one of your posts, which makes it extremely efficient to turn browsers to customers. When the user clicks on an image they like, they will have a direct link to your website thus increasing your business’s website traffic. Additionally, you might want to consider adding a save button to your website. This means the user can pin a product they like straight to their Pinterest account through your website.

Focus on Pinterest SEO

To successfully use Pinterest for business, you must take into account that Pinterest is a first and foremost a search engine. Users use this engine to look for ideas and inspiration, so it is essential that you are using the right keywords to direct them to your content. It is important to create keywords that are as close to the content as possible and that are also generally used throughout your website.

So what are you waiting for? Start pinning!



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