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How to create an attractive landing page for your website

Optimize your website’s landing page 

Your landing page is the first thing potential customers see when clicking on your website. Like the cover of a book, it needs to generate interest while remaining simple and providing the essential information. To leave a good first impression and to generate a high conversion rate, it is crucial to optimize your webpage with easy and efficient navigation in mind. Looking to create the best landing page? Here are a few steps you should follow:

Lower your bounce rate

To begin, the loading time should be as short as possible to keep your bounce rate low. Indeed, a study done by Unbounce found that half responders would exit a page if it didn’t load in under 6 seconds. On the other hand, Google reports that most visitors bounce after 3 seconds of loading time.  To avoid a slow page, make sure your hosting plan has the performance you need for your website visits. In addition, keep your landing page light to decrease loading time and make sure your layout is adapted to all devices. Indeed, today most Google searches are made on mobile which makes it even more important for your landing page be responsive and optimized for mobiles.

Captivate and guide your visitors

To keep your visitor’s attention, your web page must be easy to navigate, short and simple. Undeniably, it is crucial to include a clear call to action on your landing page to maximize conversion. Visitors scan your content very quickly and decide if they will opt-out or not. Therefore, make sure to keep all the important information above the fold of the page. To convert undecided customers, add some testimonials or certifications to your web page. This will help to create trust in your business and reassure visitors of your competencies.

A/B testing and continuous improvements

Finally, to determine which option is most attractive to your customers, it is possible to test different variants of your landing page design with Google Optimize by running A/B testing. This will allow you to improve over time by knowing what your visitors best respond to.

Landing page optimization tips for your website

By following these optimization tips, you will be capable of creating a landing page that is simple, quick, polyvalent, and trustworthy which will give a positive first impression of your business to potential customers and will most definitively give you improved results.

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