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MrBeast literally 'growing money out of his ears'.
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MrBeast, King of YouTube

In an era where TikTok is rising and becoming the number one most-used app on most phones, people tend to forget the dominance of YouTube and the impact it has on its audiences and how much advertising is being displayed. One of the main ‘influencers’ attracting people to the platform is Jimmy Donaldson, also known as the famous MrBeast. He currently has an astonishing amount of 111 million subscribers and more than 18 billion views, on his main YouTube-channel alone. MrBeast could be seen as an exceptional personality, already dominating the digital world. 

Making money by giving it away…?

By giving away huge amounts of money and prizes like cars, houses and even islands, MrBeast created the first ever viral social impact business. He did that by only using digital media platforms with YouTube being the main platform. This combination of huge viewership and philanthropy allows MrBeast to be attractive to companies to associate their brands with. Such companies, like Raid Shadow Legends and Honey, turn their in-app-purchases into a form of indirect philanthropy by sponsoring several videos posted on the YouTube-platform. Thereby, being an important sponsor of MrBeast, allows companies to market their brands effectively to reach demographic groups who are hard to reach, like kids, too.

Besides making money from huge sponsorships, MrBeast has a few businesses of his own too. He owns an online personal merchandise store but operates in the food industries as well. This varies from a chocolate bar company, which is called Feastables, to a recently opened restaurant, MrBeast Burger. Last named saw him breaking the record for most burgers sold in a single day.

For the promotion of his operations, MrBeast uses his own digital network too. This allows him to make tons of money to reinvest into the quality of his YouTube videos. In that way, he’ll able to attract even more people and different audiences to watch his content.  

MrBeast standing in front of the crowd that showed op on the first day of his newly opened restaurant.

MrBeast officially the biggest to play the game

Because of being part of a marketing strategy for other companies or applying a strategy based on his own digital network, MrBeast managed to generate an estimated 54 million dollars. This makes him YouTube’s highest earning creator ever. 

You can state that MrBeast holds all the strings for being one of the most impactful figures out in the digital world. So, you’re up to wonder; what’s next for the YouTube mega-star?

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