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The Metaverse Revolution in Digital Marketing

The Metaverse (or meta-universe or virtual world) is on everyone’s mind these days. After being a futuristic idea for a long time, it is becoming increasingly real.  Let’s take a look at its impact on digital marketing and the opportunities it represents for businesses.

Metaverse Digital Virtual Reality Technology of a woman with glasses and a headset VR connected to the virtual space

What is the Metaverse? 

It’s a 3D virtual space where people can immerse themselves, share experiences and interact with each other without actually being in the same place. This universe transcends borders by making things possible that would not ordinarily be. It is accessible through augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technologies. 

What impact does it have on marketing?

As mentioned above, the Metaverse breaks down boundaries, shaking up the current landscape and opening up new possibilities. 

These include immersive marketing. Companies can go beyond sight or touch and give consumers multi-sensory experiences. It transforms the customer experience by offering more direct interaction, such as trying on clothes at home, attending concerts, sporting events or travelling from their living room as if they were there. 

This immersion in the virtual world of consumers enables companies to tailor their personalized offers even more precisely and perhaps more subtly to the target audience. All thanks to even more accurate data. 

The Metaverse also offers companies new points of contact. They are new communication channels, but also new sales channels. They can sell products or exclusive experiences in the virtual world, attracting more consumers but also creating a new proximity. 

avatars created by customers in the L'Oreal metaverse

3 examples of marketing campaigns using the Metaverse

  • L’Oréal with “Ready Player Me”, which gave customers an immersive 3D experience where they could explore and test products and interact with each other. 
  • Seloger, which allowed its customers to visit a virtual flat in 3D and interact with the various objects. Customers were suddenly transported into another virtual flat to introduce them to their new feature: real-time alerts for new properties online. An experience that allows them to stand out and attract attention.
  • McDonald’s is planning to offer a virtual restaurant where customers can go to enjoy the experience while ordering food in the real world. An opportunity to reach more people and offer a unique, personalised experience. 

These examples show just how many opportunities there are for businesses to explore, but be aware of the limits! 

shows a virtual person with a VR headset. On it, is written "Metaverse Loading".

The virtual space represents a new challenge for brands. 

A marketing campaign in the metaverse represents significant creative, development and structural costs. 

You need to be creative and invest in order to stand out from the crowd and attract customers to your experiences. 

The general public is not yet used to this new format, so campaigns have a limited reach. 

Finally, this experience immerses users in their daily lives and personalities. It goes beyond anything we’ve seen before. They need to keep a close eye on and comply with regulations on data collection and protection. 

The Metaverse represents a major opportunity for today’s businesses to push back their boundaries even further and become more creative and closer to their customers. 

It’s a new vision of marketing that has been born and is committed to being more effective. 

Stay tuned ! 




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