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Beauty Brands: How to make your makeup products go viral on TikTok

Who hasn’t buy a beauty product yet just because it was a TikTok viral makeup product? TikTok has become the most influenceable social media and businesses are taking advantage of it to increase their visibility. Indeed, that platform is an excellent tool for businesses and people to reach their target segment. The algorithm used by the app allows people to get what they want to see based on their previous content watched. But how can brands stand out from the others within the thousands of videos users watch daily?

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The beauty industry is specially one that takes a big place on this platform. These brands have their own advertising content but it’s not enough to make a product become viral. Here are 3 top tips you can use to turn a beauty product trendy:

  1. Follow the TikTok viral makeup trends
  2. Collaborate with influencers and makeup artists
  3. Promote what is trending

Follow the TikTok viral makeup trends

In the beauty industry, there will always be trends so one of the best tips is to follow them. Beauty brands usually have a product on each category. Knowing that, it’s easy for them to create a look using their products. Most of the makeup trends consist on doing it a certain way, so if you want to promote your brand, you can share tutorial videos of that trend using your product. For example, you can promote your blush by doing a TikTok video showing how to create a lifted look. A trend like that can be so powerful that even a high end product can become viral, such as the Charlotte Tilbury’s Viral Cream Blush.

Collaborate with influencers and makeup artists

TikTok is one of the most influencable social medias. It is easier to catch people’s attention by doing shorts videos. That’s the main reason of why almost all the influencers turned their main content on this app. People who love watching makeup tutorials will pay more attention to all the beauty products used on shorts videos. That way it is easier for a beauty brand to stand out. Also most of the influencers will mention the products used on the videos so it gives more visibility to the brands. Even if they don’t, users can find the product names on the comments section. This is a good strategy to use to get your products and brand known because it gives you a good visibility – people who are interested in makeup products are going to see a lot of makeup videos on their “for you page”.

Promote what is trending

Another key point when promoting a product is to choose one within what is trending on the moment. Multiple times, people on social medias are going to create content of finding dupes for high end beauty products. That is the perfect time to promote a product that is similar to what is going viral on the moment to make competition with it. Promoting it on the web or on Instagram are good ideas because people will always do research before buying a new product. The idea here is to increase the visibility taking advantage of what is similar to what you sell. The more a person will see a product somewhere, the more they will be willing to test it and then it can become a trendy product as well!!

viral TikTok makeup dupes

In conclusion, most used social media is the best tool to use to reach a high level of visibility and promote a product. One of the main reasons of that is because nowadays companies focus more on digital marketing. Personalized ads/content or the use of algorithm are key to brands who want to keep the best of their digital marketing strategies. So if you ever want to go viral, think social media!

How to go viral on TikTok:

TikTok algorith explained:,page%20for%20each%20TikTok%20user.

How to make your makeup products go viral on tiktok:

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