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Instagram Reels: How to grow your audience and increase sales

A quick guide on how to grow your audience and increase sales by optimizing your use of Instagram Reels.

What is it?

Instagram Reels is one of the newest features of the social media platform. It consists of short vertical videos that can last up to 60 seconds. Users can record or upload videos and photos paired with music and share them not only with their followers but with any other user. 



These are a couple of Instagram Reels Statistics according to Earthweb :

  • They receive 22% more engagement than regular video content.
  • Their screen space is 8% larger than TikTok’s.
  • 87% of Generation Z TikTok users believe that Reels is the same as TikTok.
  • Reels can be found on the Explore Page, where 50% of Instagram Users search for new content. 
  • 81% of people who use Instagram use it to look for a company, a product, or a service
  • 50% of people who have purchased a product online have done so because they saw it on Instagram


What features should my reels have and what to avoid?


One of the most important aspects is the Dimensions of your Instagram Reels Video. It is recommended to use a vertical ratio of 1080 x 1920 pixels. Videos that have different dimensions are unappealing to the eye, and as a consequence, your engagement will most likely drop. Keep in mind that Instagram will not recommend videos with low resolution. 



Instagram Music is also a key aspect in your Reels. In order to find the perfect musical complement that will make your video go viral, you must take into consideration: What do you want your brand to represent? What is the style of the video? What audience do you want to target? Try to avoid music that does not connect with your video’s feel or your brand’s values. In addition, use music that’s uploaded on the platform rather than editing on other platforms. 


Text and Captions 

Use On-Screen Text and Captions provided by Instagram. A lot of people use their phone while being in public places, so a large percentage of users will view your video without sound. Adding text allows the audience to be engaged, even without listening. Be aware of watermarks, since Instagram will not show your video as much as you’d like. Tip: Do not watermark your brand logo throughout the whole video, add a short engaging video at the end. 


Business Account

Make sure your account is set up as a Business Account. This way, your Reels will be shown to every user and not only your followers. Keep in mind that your video will be shown mostly to people who have searched for your business, who follow you, who have searched for similar business, who like the song you’ve used, who have seen videos of the challenge you made, etc. Be creative and smart with your reels in order to reach more users. 


Type of content you can create on Reels

Show your products and services

Create engaging videos that portray your brand while showing your newest products, your great customer service or your oldest product that needs a little push of sales.


Share Tips, Tutorials, and Other Educational Content 

No matter what your product or service is, find a way to add value for your users. You can create content on how to properly use your website, the best way to use your product, and even the benefits they could receive by acquiring something from your business.


Start a new Reels Challenge

Either a dance using your products, a video eating your newest addition to the menu or a creativity contest among your followers, creating a hot challenge is a creative way to engage with existing followers and gaining new ones.






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