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Instagram a tool for personal branding and business

Some tips on how to use Instagram as tool for personal branding and business

Digital Presence today is crucial for any entrepreneur. Instagram has become a reliable source for people to judge the personal branding and the business.

Digital identity is built through digital presence and how we introduce ourselves to the world.

Instagram identity is built through content creation. Instagram content creation is not as easy as it seems. It requires commitment, hard work, values and an understanding of the Instagram world.  

Hence, Your Instagram has become your modern day portfolio and a personal catalogue that makes you credible.

Looking to enhance your personal branding ?

In order to enhance your digital identity and to use instagram as a tool for personal branding and for your business. Here’s some tips to help you brand yourself on Instagram.

1. Understand your purpose of creating Instagram:

Defining your goal of creating an Instagram profile is so important. Whether to create brand awareness of your product or to brand yourself and network. For example coaches create Instagram profiles in order to post their work, their clients, results. In fact, People see real evolution hence it makes the person they follow credible and worth of trust. It’s important when you create an Instagram profile to choose a category: Musician, writer , entrepreneur…

In addition, Your biography should reflect what you are doing perfectly and should include your goals. As a result, This gives your potential followers a quick understanding of the content of the page.

Furthermore, You also can insert links for personal website or tag your business page in the biography.

People like to see a clean nice profile. it’s important you put your work in value through biography, name, profile picture, visuals.

2. Create relevant content on your Instagram:

Example of a good biography on an Instagram page for personal branding

Content creation is the way you are going to express your uniqueness and engage your community with you on your instagram.

Content creation should reflect the category you put on your profile or business profile and match your biography. For example if you define yourself as fitness coach its more interesting to share posts of training and posts in the gym. as a result this will enhance your personal brand and makes your page more of a business profile.

It’s important to be authentic on Instagram when creating content. Pretending and being fake will harm your image and your digital brand. If your profile is professional avoid posting random posts and try to organize your posts, create a nice visual using canvas or posting calendar to make your profile look harmonious and attractive.

Visuals are so important on the instagram page because they make it attractive and enhance personal branding

Quality of posts and using filters are also important to make your profile look nice, modern and professional on your digital platform.

In addition to post, post description should include informative sentence and hashtags that are relevant to your business and to the content of the post itself and how you brand yourself.

3. Stay engaged on instagram to enhance your personal branding:

It’s important to stay active on your social media platform specially instagram and to post regularly through stories to show how you pass your day, your hobbies, your business since followers like to know about you more.  this will help your to create a targeted personal brand that matches your business.

Create a plan, Stay strategic and plan your posts on your Instagram profilr are tips that always help.

 A frequency of minimum one post per day is important to boost your personal brand on instagram.

Importance of scheduling posts to boots intagram page and your business


4. Interact with your audience

Interaction with your audience builds engagement and long term relationship with your audience.

Followers want to feel that the person they are following is trustworthy and have an understanding of their values through interactions.

Interaction with audience can take a form of answering DMS or replying to comments.

Making lives on Instagram can also be a good tool to interact with followers. In fact, it gives them opportunity to ask you question during the live and gives you opportunity to reply to them instantly, to be transparent and to be yourself.

 5. Use reels not only picture:

As you know the algorithm of Instagram is in constant change. Instagram used to be a platform for pictures which recently has changed and Instagram is preferring more and more videos or what they call reels. Reels are gaining a lot of popularity on Instagram and it’s becoming a great tool for promotion. A reel is a short video that should communicate a brief message in 30 second with a song of your choice. To gain more visibility and encourage Instagram to put your posts first it’s important to post from time to time reels.      


Instagram reels their importance for personal branding and their popularity nowadays

To crown it all, Digital identity is crucial in this modern world that relies on technology and artificial intelligence. Neglecting digital presence can negatively affect entrepreneurs. Mastering the digital presence on Instagram can become a competitive advantage for the business and the personal branding.


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  1. Had fun reading this article!! I think it’s interesting to know how all of this works 🤍 thank you for these informations, waiting for more

  2. Great article with very relevant points and insights for every small business or new influencers.
    Deserve more visibility! People need to know about it

  3. Very informative take on the développement of a brand using social media. Thank you for the insight !!

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