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Influencer Marketing : Why?

Today, influencer marketing has become a must in digital marketing.

In the digital world today, social content creators with niche audiences often can offer brands more value. They have committed and engaged groups of followers on social media. In recent years, influencer marketing has become a huge and crucial part of the marketing scene.

Influencers have the ability to generate lots of sales from this one post your brand can use over and over again. With no experience, you can launch your business and use micro influencer to generate sales for free. ” Influencers have something valuable that businesses need – the trust of a customer.”. A couple years ago, it would’ve been impossible to build trust and brand awareness like influencers help doing, by promoting your business to thousands of potential customers.

This year, more than two-thirds (67.9%) of U.S marketers will use influencer marketing. Also, it is expected to increase  and reach 72.5% in 2022. “Not convinced influencer marketing can lead to real business results? Civic Science found that 14% of 18-to-24-year-olds and 11% of millennials had bought something within the last six months because a blogger or influencer recommended it.” .

Which Social Media Platforms Are U.S Marketers Planning to Use for Influencer Marketing?

Research also shows that almost one out of two customers (49%) relies on influencers for product recommendation. Social media is now an essential part of making purchasing decisions since 74% of people relies on it. Also, 42% of people, after seeing influencer ads, ended up trying a product of service.

Influencer marketing will not only provide trust and brand awareness, but will provide sales and a good return on investments (ROI). According to a study done by Oberlo, it would bring a return on investment of $18. In other words, for every dollar invested in it, you will have an average return of $18.

Influencer Marketing Return On Investments

In sum, influencer marketing is now an essential of digital marketing and to business who wants to grow, build trust and brand awareness and even for business who wants to achieve higher sales. With the importance of social media today, it’s a hit on!

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