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How to use TikTok trends to grow your brand

How to use TikTok trends to grow your brand

How to use TikTok trends to grow your brand

Since the COVID pandemic, Tiktok has become a “must-have” application. Indeed, the figures show that since the emergence of the global quarantine, the application has grown tremendously in terms of users.

Nowadays, Tiktok is an application that arouses the curiosity of a multitude of corporations. Companies are exponentially entering the platform in order to boost their visibility.
It is therefore crucial to understand how the application works before entering it. Like all social media networks, there are a lot of TikTok trends that are created and that are widely spread. However, tiktok trends have an influence of a greater scale than what the world of social media has known – the number of shared videos and interactions has reached an unprecedented level of people.

Thus, it is important for brands to join TikTok. They will benefit from a greater visibility, one that is unique, as the crafted algorithm makes it possible to target the interested audience. Relatedly, TikTok is an application that is built on trends. Using Tiktok trends allows a brand to show its personality and have a better reach that could increase customer retention. Tiktok must be used to engage with your community. The most successful Tiktok trends are the one that reunite a small segment. By doing so, it will be more realistic to gain more views and likes.

Henceforth, here are our tips to better choose and use Tiktok trends to grow your business.

1. Scroll through your “For you page” to see the Tiktok trends.

All the Tiktok trends will be visible on your “for you page”, so it is interesting to see what people are doing and which trend has been picked up the most in order to join it. In addition, the videos visible on your “for you page” come from an account that could be part of your segment since the algorithm makes sure to bring together people who share a common interest. Thus, you will know which Tiktok trends your segment is participating in.

2. Tiktok trends are inspired by current events.

Whether it is a political, sporting, or artistic event, Tiktok is a platform where users like to react and create content related to what is currently happening in the world. This is why you must stay abreast of events that might interest your audience in order to be aware of the latest news and create a relationship with your segment: a sense of belonging.

3. Tiktok trends doesn’t last long

In general, tiktok trends can last for 3 to 10 days before getting old. Your brand needs to keep up with Tiktok trends and even jump on it early before it reaches the peak of its popularity. This strategy will give you more chances to get views and interactions on your video.

4. Lastly, Follow the tiktok trends … but be original!

When Tiktok trends have a huge amount of video creations and participation, the ones that are the most original and that stuns viewers works the best. So be creative and think out of the box.

Don’t be afraid of stepping out of you comfort zone and you might be positively surprised by the power of Tiktok trends!


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