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How to use social media platforms for free to unleash your sales?

How to use social media platforms for free to unleash your sales?

Nowadays the world is becoming more connected and social media is gaining more power.

Most people have an account in the most known platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, among others. But the important question is: do they know how manage their social media platforms in order to develop a better realtionship with their costumers, gain new ones and improve their sales?

Most known social media platforms and sales

The approach

There are a lot of ways to be visible on social media and the three most important are: posts, stories and lives. Every aspect of them counts such as: looking for the best hour to publish, type of post, quality and quantity of hashtags, etc.


  • Social media: Facebook marketplace - salesIn the case of Facebook, this social media offers a serie of options in which you can increase your sales. Additionally, the most important feature of this social media is that you can offer what you want to sell by your profile, groups or marketplace. Doing it by Facebook groups or marketplace helps you to increase your views and interactions. You can prepare a post specially for this kind of social media including a little text, picture or pictures, how are you feeling, location, etc. Certainly, the focus of this social media is to look for likes. That is why “a study shows that social media marketers need videos and budget for ads in order to succeed in this platform”.



Don’t forget that…

Every social media platform has its own perspective and we can take advantage of them for free. That is the reason why is so important to give the right approach to the posts in order to have more views, interactions and sales. Good luck!



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