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How to use Pinterest visual search engine to promote your business?

“What we see depends mainly on what we look for” John Lubbock

pinterest visual search engine

Nowadays, image and visual aspects are key elements that  influence customer behaviour. It is in this perspective that Pinterest visual search engine positioned itself. You will discover through this article, the world of visual search engine, and you will learn how to spotlight your business with Pinterest by not only inspiring the users but also urging them to purchase your products.

Why use Pinterest? And how does it work? 

Firstly, you have to know that Pinterest is a visual discovery tool that allows its user to save and discover creative ideas such as : planning a vacation, finding out new furniture for the living room, cake recipes etc…. That’s why we recommend that you integrate this vision to your brand. You can suggest different inspirations which will consequently facilitate their user experience. By creating a Business Pinterest account, you will be able to post some inspirations on how your products can be used. Moreover, you have to be familiar with the chore element of Pinterest which is the pin that contains:

  • A description.
  • An image: the most salient element of the pin that will allow you to target the user.
  • Web link: this last element will help you to spotlight your brand by redirecting the user directly to your business.

Pinners, Pinterest’s users, are key to your brand. They like to discover new products, and make new purchases by looking out at the pin or the type of posts that are directly published on Pinterest. That’s why being familiar with the pin system as well as being classified in the home feed are important aspects you have to consider to increase your visibility. Moreover, Pinterest offers you the possibility to spotlight your brand by paying for promoted pins.

What is exactly a visual search engine? And how can I use it in my business ? 

You think you’re not familiar with the world of visual search engine?  Guess what? You’re not the only one !

You now have the opportunity to drive your business to a whole new level by embracing the world of visual search engine. In simple words, a visual search engine is an engine that extracts a deep learning of features through an image or any visual display. The information extracted is taken and ranked using some metadata that the system already has, to get a final list of somewhat similar results. Consequently, when a pinner does a visual search, he captures an image that interests him.  Pinterest, with its engine and the learning features that are stored in its database, will thus suggest your brand.  And here comes the revolution!  A user can, for example, take a picture with his cellphone of a sofa that he particularly likes and will be directed to your brand.

In a nutshell, Pinterest visual search engine has a bright future. You can inspire the users by putting your product on stage. It’s important that you adopt the tips we give you to facilitate your purchase process. In our next article we will help you to set up your Pinterest business account.

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