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How to optimize your Instagram business profile?

How to optimize your Instagram business profile






Instagram is one of the top social media to post pictures and videos where businesses can be discovered and succeed in their industry. However, to be seen, discovered and accumulate followers, new techniques can be applied. Here are some top tips to optimize your Instagram business profile!

Tip #1: Have an Instagram Business profile

If you don’t know yet, Instagram offers two types of accounts which are either a personal or a business profile. By having a business profile, you will have access to Instagram Insights and Analytics which includes many useful tools, metrics and features. You can then learn more about your followers and about the current performance of your Instagram account. Many useful data of your followers are analyze such as their demographics and psychographics information. All of which you can use to target your audience and to subsequently improve your profile for optimal engagement. In addition, with the business features, you will also be able to add direct shopping, do some paid ads and insert your business contact information.

Tip #2: Add keywords in different Instagram features to win the algorithm 

Keyword in bio name for business profile optimizationFor an Instagram business profile, adding relevant keywords in your bio name will increase your appearance in the search bar. Like in Google, when you type a keyword in the Instagram search bar, the algorithm will show the most relevant profile results. This said, whatever you think your audience would be searching for, it will optimize the chances of them finding your business profile and potentially become a new follower-customer of your brand.

The second type of keyword is the Alternative Text when posting pictures or videos. This feature is for individuals who initially have visual impairments but is also effective for discoverability of an Instagram profile. In this feature, adding keywords that are related to your post and your business page, lets the Instagram algorithm know more of what your post is about and better target your audience.

The third type of keyword is to use descriptive and relevant hashtags in your posts related to your industry business. Therefore, you will be visible in the hashtag’s page and increase your discoverability. Thus, creating new personal hashtags for your business, can contribute for community-building, running campaign ads and many more.

Tip #3: Consistency is key !

Another tip for your Instagram business page is to publish content on a regular basis and commit to it. To create a relationship with your followers on Instagram, you have to engage with them regularly and be consistent. They will then become intrigue and excited by your next posts. In fact, nowadays, social media is constantly being updated with new content, in which your’s is already foregone.  And so, by publishing consistantly, your followers will then see you more in their home page. Thus, optimizing engagement with your followers also implies of replying to comments and responding to your messages.

Tip #4: Publish on other Instagram features

To differentiate yourself from your competitors on Instagram, you should add different and various content. On Instagram Stories, by engaging more with your followers and creating a relationship with them can be very convenient for your business profile. By doing polls and asking them questions, you tend to know more about your followers interests.

For Story Highlights,  putting different categories of your business is faster for your followers to view your products and services. Like your different products lines you offer, your different services, supporting trend movements and etc.

For IGTV’s, they can be used to upload longer videos about informative content of your business-like tutorials of how to use your products/services, past client experiences and etc.

Hope these top tips are useful to optimize your business profile in Instagram.

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