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How to optimize the digital customer experience on your Website ?


Customer Journey - Optimize the customer experience

Today, nearly 1 in 4 people who have started shopping online completes to an in-store purchase. What is the best digital customer experience and how can we optimize it? How to optimize the digital customer experience in your Website ?

Optimization of Digital customer experience

In order to generate clicks and sales in physical stores or online, the first contact with the customer is paramount. Before, during and after the purchase of a good or service, the customer comes into contact with the company. During these three major phases, decisive interactions take place between the company and the customer via physical and/or digital channels.

The digital channel must represent the real customer experience offered. There is a whole process to optimize this digital customer experience that can be summarize in 5 steps :

Step 1: Prepare the search

  • Create a benchmark, a map of the current situation and co-create the customer journey.

Step 2: Observe and listen

  • Use and analyze data through surveys, interviews, polls, customer support insights, live chats, preliminary website tests… We will also use data obtained from external sites and mouse-tracking analysis.

Digital Channels used in the Customer ExperienceStep 3: Learning

  • Create typical and ideal people and customer journeys, taking into account their motivations, their interests, their needs, their expectations, their desires etc

Step 4: Act

  • A/B testing by proposing different interfaces of the potential website in order to personalize it and launch the products.
  • Look at what works on the site, what are the most frequent clicks and adapt the site accordingly.

Step 5: Reiterate

  • Look at what works on the site, what are the most frequent clicks and adapt the site accordingly.

Some tips to optimize your digital customer experience

The Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

#1 : The design of your website must be accessible and clear, too many images or animations could lose your customer on the site and mitigate their experience.

#2 : The customer journey must be logical and simple, he must be able to reach his goal in a minimum of clicks

#3 : Use attractive communication tools, such as CTAs (Call to action) or pop-up slide-ins, automated emailing, SMS sending, personalized message sending, mail sending, online programmatic advertising, etc.

#4 : The customer journey must be the same whether using a PC, an iPhone or a Samsung. Whatever the medium, the journey must be the same so as not to be confusing : The Design!

The first access being the creation of an account, this step should be highly optimized, then when he logs in, new information and new products should be immediately highlighted.

The customer journey must be logical, intuitive and simple, allowing the client to reach the information he is looking for in a minimum of clicks. The customer must be able to access his information quickly. In order to always know better the customers’ behavior and to answer them correctly, the collection of feedbacks is essential.

“Innovation is the key to optimize the digital customer experience, so make good use of it!”

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

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