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How to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile Visibility?

If you don’t attract the expected target audience you’re looking for, while reaching too few people on your Linked profile, that means you need to improve your profile on the platform to increase your visibility. Here is how to improve your LinkedIn profile visibility:

1. Complete Your LinkedIn Profile

Firstly, you need to improve the relevancy and the visibility of your profile in the LinkedIn searches. To do so, fill out all the field you can that offered by LinkedIn. Try to create the perfect balance by using just enough descriptive keywords, so that the information you give is relevant in searches, but still stay interesting for people consulting your profile. The LinkedIn’s search algorithm finds you for the main keywords entered in your profile. Indeed, improve your descriptions by making them accurate, short, and concise, while always staying relevant.


2. Update Your Profile Picture, Cover Image and LinkedIn Headline

Your profile picture, cover image and LinkedIn headline are important sections not to forget to capture the interest of prospects. Your profile picture gives the first impression of you: it needs to be a quality picture of you in a professional setting. A cover picture designed professionally will improve your profile by making it stand out. Your headline must include job title keywords to increase your chances to appear in search. You must also personalize your headline and include attributes to inspire your target audience to know more about you.

how to improve linkedin profile visibility


3. Expand Your Network 

By expanding your network, more people will find your profile in the first positions of their search results. The more contacts you have, the more people will notice your profile and activities Thus, your visibility will improve significantly.


4. Claim Your Custom URL

Edit yourself an easy and convenient URL that fits with your business profiles. Include your full name while integrating some variations for not having the same as someone else. Add your URL in your CV, webpages and social medias. It will help to improve your LinkedIn SEO.

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